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Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas
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Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

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I’m going to be completely honest now.  The baby couldn’t care less about Christmas.  There.  I’ve said it.  Christmas is about everybody else making incredible lifelong memories.  Even if that memory involves Baby H projectile vomiting on the Christmas table just as everyone is about to tuck in.  Yes, this has happened at a Muxworthy family Christmas.  And yes, this will be mentioned on Baby H’s wedding day.


So, Baby’s First Christmas is an opportunity for you to save a bit of money.  You’ll have plenty of occasions to splash that cash as they grow up.  A nice little token gift is all that is required for the first big holiday season.  Unless you’re in fierce competition with another Aunty, in which case, read on.  Don’t ask the parents what to get or you’ll get a list of boring items like nappies and new Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles to purchase.  Snore. 

So, what is on my go to list for their first Christmas?  If you’re a clever sausage like me, you’ll have purchased Christmas themed clothing in the January sale for next to nothing.  You can’t beat a £3 cashmere Christmas jumper find in Jojo Maman Bébé.  If you didn’t have the foresight to buy the perfect size for your new nibbling even before their conception last January, there’s always next year.  Take a look at Cotswold Baby Co. for fab Christmas themed clothing at very reasonable prices.  Of course, you’ll have to give them this in early December so they get some wear out of it.  Chances are, you’ll end up buying something else for them to ‘open’ on Christmas Day. 


For toys, obviously I’m going to suggest you browse Love From Aunty.  For small babies click here and for slightly bigger ones (this is me being technical on baby size) click here for the full selection.  You really can’t go wrong as I only stock great items!  My favourites if you’re feeling flush are the Moulin Roty Mouse Gift Set at £37 which comes with an adorable soft toy and matching mouse slippers and the Organic Baby Set at £48 which includes some lovely Wee Gallery items.  I also love the That’s Not My… book range (£6.99).  You can match a book with a soft toy to make a cute gift set.  Soft toys are a clever purchase as they’ll be around for a lot longer than plastic toys.  Or I should say, will be used for a lot longer.  Plastic toys are on the planet forever, unfortunately. 

Gift wrapping for babies is fairly futile.  No doubt the baby will be far more interested in the wrap, box or tape than the lovingly chosen gift itself.  Please, please don’t use ribbon.  Extreme choking hazard.  I do like to see babies plonked in front of a well lit tree surrounded by gorgeously wrapped gifts on Instagram though.  Love a lifestyle shot, me. 

Last year, I bought some DIY baubles for all my nieces and nephews to decorate and give to Aunty Mary who was hosting Christmas.  She’d had her new kitchen installed a week earlier.  What could possibly go wrong?  Nephew A, once suitably coated in paint, shook his hands and covered the elephant’s breath cupboards in a nice sheen of crimson not dissimilar to a scene from Dexter.  Frantic scrubbing ensued.  I won’t be repeating that little exercise this year.