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My Favourite Aunty
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My Favourite Aunty

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This week I had to stop my one-year-old niece licking bird poo off her Cozy Coupe.  I’m such a good Aunty.  Have you got a great Aunty?  The one that gets you?  Is great company?  Partial to a G&T?  Gives thoughtful gifts?  I do.  She’s called Aunty Mary.  She lives on a farm in Wales, has two incredibly well-trained Border Collies and is immaculately dressed all the time.

As a kid I don’t think you think about relationships with grown up relatives.  You just sort of take them for granted.  When I became an Aunty, I had this new little thing in my life that I adored and I would do anything for.  It was only then that I realised that’s how my Aunty Mary feels about me. 



This photo is not actually of me.  Of course not – I’m a second child, there are no photos of me!  It’s my older sister Jude, taken in 1978.  Check out Aunty Mary’s denim flares and chunky high heels!  Jude in her Little House on the Prairie outfit complete with Mary Janes.  Always looking perfect.  The look of pure joy on her face.  My Uncle Mike has hair in this photo!  Nice to see his dress sense hasn’t changed.

So what makes Aunty Mary so great?  What makes any Aunty great?  She will always be there for me, no matter what.  I spent Christmas at the farm last year.  Everyone flew in from everywhere and it was one of those amazing Christmases that made me so thankful for what I have.  There were 14 of us and I suspect Aunty Mary didn’t have the most relaxing time of it, yet she made it awesome for everyone.  With Boris’s new “rule of six”, Christmas this year is going to be very different.



Aunty Mary’s gift giving is legendary.  Far too generous and the wrapping is worthy of a blog all of its own.  Always two different contrasting ribbons, fetching bows, some sort of accoutrement like a tree ornament as a tag.  She does it very well.  There was one terrible year when I mocked ponchos which were en vogue at the time only to open my Christmas present to reveal a crocheted creation.  “I love it, I was only joking earlier when I said ponchos were hideous”.  I wore it while cooking, leaned over the gas hob and nearly blew myself up.  It was retired for health reasons shortly after. 

Aunty Mary now has four grandchildren.  She hasn’t placed an order yet but I’m hopeful.  I added shipping to Australia just for her.  My cousin in Melbourne is due to have another baby next week, no doubt I’ll mention it on here.  It is going to be so hard this time with COVID stopping all travel.  Usually Aunty Mary would be there helping out.  Just an aside - I really have no excuse not to send an amazing new baby present and card do I?!


So this week, I’m celebrating awesome Aunties everywhere.  I feel like we’re a forgotten demographic.  I will be calling Aunty Mary later to catch up with her and my wonderful Uncle Mike.